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"Get your nails done and your unwanted hair removed at our one-stop shop for beauty! Book your appointment today for a mani, pedi, and wax." | What have Buffed Nail Spa  got with waxing services. Let's read this article

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A layer of hot or cold wax is applied to the skin and then removed as part of the waxing process, removing the hair along with it. Because it offers results that last and can be applied to practically any area of the body, waxing is a popular hair reduction technique.

Waxing for beauty reasons:

Hair is removed from the root during waxing, leaving you with smooth, hair-free skin for weeks. People who have razor burn, ingrown hairs, or other skin irritation after shaving can particularly benefit from this.

Exfoliation: Waxing removes dead skin cells and reveals the younger-looking, smoother skin underlying in a gentle way.

Reduced hair growth can develop over time as a result of frequent waxing. This is due to the wax damaging the hair follicle, which makes it more challenging for hair to regrow.

Hygienic: Because waxing eliminates both the hair and the dead skin cells from the skin, it is a very hygienic form of hair removal. This can lessen the likelihood of developing acne and other skin conditions.

What have Buffed Nail Spa got with waxing service?




Upper Lip



Full Face


Full Arms

Half Arms

Full Legs

Half Legs

What are the reviews of the customer after using waxing service? 

" The salon is so clean and pretty on the inside. Staff is friendly and I almost never have to wait. Manis and pedis last a while and the brow waxing here is so much better than their competition next door.'

(5/5 stars - Bailey Zoldowski)

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